Top 3 Best Free Essay Writing Tools Online

Writing a good text is the task that requires some preparation. And it is always better to be prepared than not to be. In writing it means you need to know where to turn in case you need to check something or get some reference proofs for your statements. It is also helpful when you can expand your usage of words on the fly without massively tweaking the text.

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Here are several services that may come in handy while writing the text.

Text consists of words and usually the active vocabulary of an average person is not that big. When it comes to writing – this may become a serious problem. Since you need to fully express your thoughts and develop it into a coherent argument – you need to go all guns blazing. Thankfully such sites as can help you to bring some bright and shiny colors of various words in your text. All you need to do is to enter the list of words you want to learn. The site engine creates activities that may ease your learning.


What can be more disgusting than a text that consists of parts of other peoples texts while presented as a work of thinking man? Atomic bombing, probably, but this one is pretty close. Why in the world there is a temptation to make such a Frankenstein monster of a text and pretend that it is OK? It is so wrong. And yet – academic writing mostly consists of quoting and referencing to other people’s research. Sometimes something slips away beyond your attention and is left unsigned properly. For such cases – it is good when you can check how far have you gone with using bits and pieces to prove your argument. With this service you scan the text and fix the problems on the fly.

Story Toolz

Story Toolz is the service when it comes to writing something out of nothing. It has everything you need in order to write any kind of a text – whether a college essay or a blog post on your TUMBLR. You can use their Generator tools, such as Story Idea Generators or Random Conflict Generator or Half Title Generator to get some ideas for your text. You can check the word count of your text with a variety of useful stats that include the word count itself, amount of symbols with or without breaks, number of paragraphs and sentences, etc. There’s also very useful Readability check that helps you to adjust the text towards certain standards of readers compatability and Cliche Buster feature that tracks and helps to eliminate any problematic, cliched element of the text in a matter of seconds.

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Try these and see how your writing improves.