How Live Writing Control works?

As you might have noticed – we have a special feature that allows customers to see what is going on with their order titled Live Writing Control. While this kind of transparency is uncommon among the services like ours – we think it is crucial element in gaining the trust of you the customers.

If you can follow your order all the way through the writing stage combined with adding comments, implementing changes and directly interacting with your writer – you can be sure that no one is going to let you down, fool you or deliver something utterly compromising. What is the better way of controlling service like ours? That is why we think it is important.

How Live Writing Control came to be?

Back in 2015 when we’ve started our service in the current form we were looking for a way to differentiate ourselves from dozens of similar writing services. Our first thought was to implement deeper cooperation with our support team – but how? Phone calls and chats are basic functions and you can’t invent a wheel twice – what are you going to do when your best idea is to do business as usual? The answer is – you move in the opposite direction.

We were looking for an effective solution for a better part of 2015-2016 and then it struck our development team – why not let the customer to see the paper being written in real time?

Here’s how Justin, our lead programmer, recalls that fateful brainstorm:

It was in the air for a long time. The problem was to verbalize it. We were discussing our daily issues – debugging, improving the structure of the site, cleaning the backlogs and adding new features. The conversation was nothing special – a little bit of this and a little bit of that but nothing in particular. And then one of the back-enders suggested that we can ask the writers to record the writing of the paper. That was it.

However, after the initial consideration the idea was rejected as too inconvenient and intrusive to the writing process. Who would want to watch a video that consists of screen capture with some letters and words occasionally appearing and disappearing? How would you convince the writer to do that? What if that will result in writer dropping out the job? What if the video will leak elsewhere? These were serious problems that deemed the idea. But the idea to show the text being made had stick and we kept discussing it for some time. Truth to be told it wasn’t very fruitful for a while.

The resolution came suddenly in summer 2016 on behalf of a rookie front-end programmer CJ. Here’s his perspective on the events leading to an insight:

It was just a week after I had joined the programming team. I was mostly unaware of previous developments of the idea – I had other things to do. My primary task at that time was to doctor new version of the interior text editor.

While I was reconfiguring the access for the editing features I’ve found out that it is possible to give an access to the document not only to support team but to the users designated as customers. I thought it has some potential and made a working copy of an editor to try it out.

JC’s idea was to add a limited interface for the customer. In such environment the customer would be able to see the text but his actions will be limited to commenting certain parts of the text and direct chat with the writer.

After presenting the working prototype of improved text editor the development team was impressed with JC’s solution and it was decided to implement varying levels of access to the site. While simple in execution, the idea of limiting the access to the document solely to commenting was also a major solution in the other issue – the gaining of customer’s trust.

It was a shot in the arm – says David, project leader. We were thinking hard about ways of making the customer confident and trusting us. And then, when we started to realize that we were basically banging our heads against the wall – the solution came. And it was nothing short of brilliant.

By August 2016 customer’s interface of the editor had morphed into separate feature aptly titled Live Writing Control. It allowed to see the document as it was at the moment of ending the writing session. Later it was changed so that the customer would see the change as they come with autosave.

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Title Live Writing Control is fascinating. It is clumsy as hell but it packs everything you need to know about the feature just in three words. The whole feature is like a peep-show – you can watch but you can’t touch. And when the customer sees the real thing, when he can course correct if needed on the fly – it immerses him more in the process and lets the writer to deliver exactly what the customer needs without bumps and thumps.

You can try Live Writing Control yourself by ordering a custom essay from our service. Feel free to make an order and see it being done in real time for yourself.