What Makes a Good Paper Writer?

This question we’ve been asked for so many times the answer seems to be obvious and yet a bit eluding. It is all about the experience. But since it is not a tweet – let me elaborate. Experience is what makes a good paper writer. How so? If you do things for a certain, preferably long, period of time – you get a chance to develop certain kind of sensibility towards the texts. You start to feel it – to feel how it goes, what should be done, what works and what is not. The main thing that develops with experience is understanding the potential of the topic. Thus comes cunning ability to select more plausible topic for your papers.

Basically, the debate on how to gain experience in paper writing field is one dumb never ending rollercoaster of treachery and hideousness. No one wants to give up their secrets of success but everyone is eager to share their thoughts the way they will be completely useless but still count as opinions. Thus comes endless stream of “how to” texts that never really explain the subject but drop a lot of keywords in the right places. It’s a tragedy because some people really need advices and they don’t have anyone to give them. And instead of help they usually get the so-called “inspirational-motivational” text product. Simply because folks up there really don’t like newcomers.

But we’re trying to waste your time, dear reader. We’re really trying to help. Here’s a little set of things of what makes a good paper writer.


It takes a lot of time to get the job done. Usually time is a problem. Some things need to be thought over for a while and other things just come right away. The other things just hang useless and then they start to glow. And then there are things that irritate you no matter what. Plus, your understanding of passing of time tends to play cruel jokes on you. The only thing you can really do with it is to remember that trying to force things move faster than they do will probably cause a certain kind of collapse. Just take it as it is and don’t overthink it.


If you want to do something – you need to know how to make it happen. It helps when you actually can break it down step by step. By doing it you can get a clearer way to realize your vision. No need to concentrate on big things like “Finish expository post-introduction paragraph” or “eliminate X with extreme prejudice” or some enigmatic “Get It Done” stuff. Focus on “Do some research on subject A” and then “Write about subject B” and then “Revise a bit about subject C”. By making every objective smaller you make it more realistic to accomplish. That’s the key to effective paper writing.


Research is the essence of good paper writing. Because you can’t just write out of the air – you need a foundation. Research is the foundation. You can’t move even a step forward without doing some research. It’s like scouting the territory before starting the offensive (in our case it is writing). But it is a broad word that covers too many things to be mentioned. Let’s focus on essentials. Research means looking for the materials that have some sort of connection to your topic. Research means finding valuable information within materials that have some sort of connection to your topic. Research means exploring various perspectives on the subject – from contemporary’s reviews to the modern points of view. Research means developing your own perspective out of the thick that you’ve amassed through Processing the information.


Structure is the key element of successful paper writing. You can’t write a text if you can’t decide what comes after what. You need to develop a structure that will give you an opportunity to explore the topic in the most comprehensive and coherent way. By that you need to provide following elements:

  1. Introduction where you set things up and explain your intention;
  2. An exploration of the subject;
  3. Showcase of various points of view regarding the subject. Just explain the perspectives and provide contrasting points of view. Then select key points and roll around them revolving the differences in a comprehensive way. Put them back to back and you will get an immediate contrast that will be easy to follow.;
  4. You own perspective on the whole thing;
  5. Recap of all things in the end and then round up of all the points in conclusion.

These are the elements that will secure coherent pace of your text. Every point should be explained and expanded on their own without much bleedthrough. You don’t need to loop things. It all come together in the head.


Taking notes is the essential part of the process of paper writing. By a careful assembly of notes you can actually make a proof of concept of your paper. Which basically a blueprint of what you are going to write. Thorough notes substantially improve not only understanding of the subject but also whole pace of the writing. They solidify the foundation on which you write your text.


There’s no such thing as writing the good thing at the first bout. It never happens like that. If it happens – it is an accident, don’t think it is going to happen again anytime soon. In case if you are wondering – good writing is rewriting. It is rewriting of rewriting of rewriting of rewriting. It is constant general revisions, minor fixes, paragraph editing, replacement of the parts, improving pace, expanding points, reassembling the structure, changing the words, replacing the implausible with comprehensive and inane with coherent.

All that is to ensure you that you need to write. Don’t be afraid to deliver a lackluster thing at first round. It is always the starting point. After that you can start to improve things little by little up until you will get the shining finished product.

We could go on forever with various qualities – but these are essentials.