About Live Writing Control®

It is uncommon amongst the services like ours to show behind the scenes, the machinery that runs through it. But since we’re different – we give you a unique opportunity to see how the work on your assignment happens.

Live Writing Control® is a step up in transparency of relationship between customer and the writer. You can see your work being done at any stage. You can comment it, you can communicate with the writer, you can course-correct if needed.

As you know – level of participation on the writing services is rather low. You leave your order, then get informed that the service got someone assigned on it, the clock starts ticking, you may or may not contact the executor and you really have no idea what is going on with your order. You can ask, get some formal answer, but nothing more. You can’t control the process and then it might take a lot of time to adjust the result to the form you need. There is nothing more devastating than having your order spiral out of control when you’re out of time.

That’s why we’ve implemented Live Writing Control®. This feature makes the writing of your text more open. You can see what happens with your paper at any given moment, you can follow every step of its creation, you can interact with the writer, you can comment any element. This kind of involvement drastically increases quality of the result.

Live Writing Control® gives you more supervision over the writing process than you can imagine. With its help you can see your assignment being written in real time. Like – seeing letters being typed. This feature saves your time and lets you to adjust your paper live without much hesitation. With the help of our support team you can navigate the jungles of the text with ease and leave all the crucial comments in the right places. Need to expand this argument? Need change the reference point? Or maybe the dashes look wrong to you? You can point it out in the comments.

Or, if you appreciate such things, you can just sit and watch the writer working on your assignment in real time as if you were watching the TV. The choice is up to you!

If you have any other questions regarding Live Writing Control® – contact our support team and we will work it out.