Terms of Use

Use of resources from https://abrahamessays.com/ site and link to it implies familiarization with all the provisions of the current contract, as well as a complete and unquestionable acceptance of them.


The agreement contains terms such as:

"Web resource" or "Site" to indicate https://abrahamessays.com/

"Visitor" or "User" to refer to any guest or client on this web resource.

"Product" or "product data" to refer to the data available for the study.

"Order" to refer to a query that performs https://abrahamessays.com/ in connection with the application for a service or product.

General information

Services of any kind or type, provided by Site, can only be used by individuals. Site does not assume any responsibility for the consequences in case of incorrect use of the resource, or reference to this agreement.

The company can independently manage all the data (content), which is located on the site. The list of possible actions includes adding, deleting, and modifying any entries. At the same warning about changing the nature or subject matter content is not provided. All data is located as the content is advertising information and cannot be regarded as credible evidence or rules.

All attributes of the Site, including images, logos and similar marks or labels belongs to administration. The exclusive rights to copyright, as well as any available intellectual property stored in the ownership of possessors of the site and are protected by copyright, including international. Copyright and authorship of the materials must be stored, including when copying or printing any documents and brochures from the site. By accepting this agreement, you agree to respect the intellectual property of the web resource as well as to consciously intend not to use any data without storing the copyright or authorship issue for using the information for illegal purposes. Also this agreement includes your personal consent to visit the web resource solely for informational purposes and without malice.

You, as a prospective customer and user of the Site agree with the absence of your intent to use the materials for personal material gain. The materials provided by our service can be used only as training materials or a basis for your own developments.

Your interaction with the web resource should not pursue commercial objectives. All payment procedures performed in a strictly private personal order. Any products and services that you can get with the help of the web resource, including co-operation with freelance employees, involve the use of materials with reference to the Company's operations. Provided for the usage products or services are not subjected to warranty or return; they cannot be replaced because of a defect, except if otherwise statement specifically indicated in the product.

Because any products used for the Company's continuous quality monitoring, related information is always correct, while the result of the last evaluation may contain changes.

Administration of the Site and the company as a whole is not responsible for additional costs associated with the operation of any product or service.

The responsibility for the storage of sensitive data necessary for the visit Site (login, password, e-mail) is on the client. Every visit to the site using within authorized user account is considered a personal visit of the customer.

Policy of Audit type

As an additional service, company is ready to make minor changes in the work results. This amendment should be allowed to fall under the original requirements for the implementation of services. Changes are permitted only under the following conditions:

  • before the end of the work and delivery to the client, the client cannot make changes to the work;
  • there is no violation of any basic requirements;
  • changes may be made within 12 hours of the claim;
  • since the completion of the order haven’t passed more than 14 calendar days.

Content management

The list of valid options of Site includes regular monitoring of the sites for the presence of violations of conditions of use and / or compliance with the terms of this contract; transfer the data to law enforcement authorities when there is a suspicion of a violation of the law; restriction or ban on visits to the resource and the use of its benefits if the use is excessive or detrimental to any extent; site management for the purpose of data protection, as well as the monitoring and protection of the rights of users and the administration. If you consciously doing acts contrary to the letter of the General Terms with the use of this website, administration reserves the right to terminate your right to access. The refund in this case is not to be carried out.

In case of suspected to use the site for illegal purposes, as well as for suspected harm to the direct inputs in whole or in part, administration may block and stop any attempt to use the Site without any special warnings and breach of this agreement.

In the case of termination of joint activities of the contract, including through locking of your account, any information contained therein may be destroyed or may be prohibited to view. Administration of the site is not obligated to keep your data posted on these resources except regulations set forth by law.

Receive claims for refund, changes and penalties paid

All products and/or services provided on this site are not subject to warranty payments and cannot be replaced or refunded by customer’s demand.

If work on any reason is not finished or not fulfilled, advance paid or full-size funds should be credited back to the customer account. Balance of the user cannot be refunded by any reasons.

At the discretion of the site, the resource may make a refund to the customer's bank account or card. Payment system on Site is PayPal, which serves all the credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc).